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No one plans to fall behind in their payments, but unforeseen circumstances sometimes make it impossible to keep up. When you are no longer able to pay what you owe and the creditors start calling, you may feel overwhelmed and hopeless. Fortunately, even if you feel like there is no way out, you do have options.

Corporate and Commercial

Businesses often find themselves in the position of needing legal assistance. One reason to consult with a business attorney who is also a CPA is to ensure that your legal adviser truly understands the financial needs of your business. Because of various legal and tax issues, it’s typically a good idea to consider working with an attorney with a financial background to set up your business. Since there are various types of entities, working with someone who understands the legal and tax benefits of various forms of business can save you trouble later.

Real Estate

Purchasing property can get complicated; there are numerous issues to deal with beginning from the day you are prepared to make an offer. Attorney Stephen Howard can help you through the entire process from reviewing purchase and sales agreements through the closing. Attorney Howard also provides a full range of comprehensive real estate services, including zoning and assessment appeals.

Tax Planning and Compliance

The tax laws are constantly changing and are also complex. For both individuals and businesses, it’s important to use an experienced tax attorney like Stephen Howard for planning and compliance. Not only is attorney Stephen Howard technically up-to-date with the current laws, he’s a progressive and proactive professional and helps clients plan and preserve their wealth while maintaining compliance with tax regulations. Non compliance can open the door to steep fines, civil penalties and criminal charges for both individuals and businesses. Attorney Stephen Howard can ensure that your taxes are filed timely, accurately and in full compliance with the tax laws.

Wills and Probate

When someone dies in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, his or her property must be distributed in accordance with state law. This typically involves a process known as "probate," which can be lengthy and expensive. To ensure that the administration of your estate or the estate of a loved one goes as smoothly as possible, it is best to consult a qualified attorney like Stephen Howard who understands estate planning and probate law.

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