Corporate and Commercial

Businesses often find themselves in the position of needing legal assistance. One reason to consult with a business attorney who is also a CPA is to ensure that your legal adviser truly understands the financial needs of your business. Because of various legal and tax issues, it’s typically a good idea to consider working with an attorney with a financial background to set up your business. Since there are various types of entities, working with someone who understands the legal and tax benefits of various forms of business can save you trouble later.

Beyond formation: When problems arise

When you’re faced with legal challenges including disputes with those who own shares in your company or with partners, you want an attorney who is willing to defend your business vigorously. Disputes can result in loss of customers, monetary expense and when they go on for too long, can result in closure of the business. Attorney Stephen Howard has years of business experience and knows how important it is to address these disputes as soon as possible to protect your business and minimize your financial losses.

When agreements are impossible: Litigation

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try and how upfront you are, sometimes disputes cannot be settled outside of court.  When this occurs, you need an attorney who is willing to litigate your case in court and represent your side of the matter in a thorough and professional manner. Whether the dispute involves a breach of contract, disagreement with shareholders or partners, a business valuation matter or dispute with another company, you need an attorney who is going to protect the best interests of your business.

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