Tax Planning and Compliance

Tax Laws: Evolution and Technicality

The tax laws are constantly changing and are also complex. For both individuals and businesses, it’s important to use an experienced tax attorney like Stephen Howard for planning and compliance. Not only is attorney Stephen Howard technically up-to-date with the current laws, he’s a progressive and proactive professional and helps clients plan and preserve their wealth while maintaining compliance with tax regulations.  Non compliance can open the door to steep fines, civil penalties and criminal charges for both individuals and businesses. Attorney Stephen Howard can ensure that your taxes are filed timely, accurately and in full compliance with the tax laws.

Tax Planning

Proper planning allows one to accomplish their financial goals in the most tax-efficient manner possible. When done right, it minimizes tax liability. It’s a financial strategy that encompasses many aspects, including common deductions, income, purchases, selection of investments, retirement plans and death taxes. Attorney Stephen Howard offers federal, state and local tax compliance and planning, business succession planning, tax planning for corporate transactions, estate planning and tax deferral strategies, including 1031 exchanges.

Turn to Stephen Howard for the best results in your tax planning. He has extensive experience and delivers creative solutions and quality tax advice. He works closely with his clients to develop a comprehensive strategy based on your individual or business needs to achieve the best results. With the help of attorney Stephen Howard, clients can stay on the right side of the law while reducing their tax liability.

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